The University Accelerator/Incubator 2.0

"iAcclerate: A University Accelerator/Incubator or a Greek Agora? An update of our journey in refining and re-defining who we are, what we do and how we do it."

Omar Khalifa

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Background and Objectives
iAccelerate began as a university incubator in 2012 and opened the doors of a purpose-built centre as both an accelerator and incubator in 2016.

Two years later, iAccelerate is home to over 60 startups and is expanding its ecosystem and redefining its role within the university as well as with the community. We now have students, researchers, community groups and even the city council with active teams in the building creating a new dynamic that enhances opportunities for engagement and learning that now builds on itself. We not only host innovators but increasingly create the spark for new innovation and collaboration.

Though not as well known as many of the private accelerators, we rank as the largest and most active accelerator/incubator in Australia.

Taking a continuous learning approach has meant challenging our own assumptions on what was possible and what was desirable. While our job creation goal has remained steadfast, we have created new opportunities for engagement that were not foreseen. We are in fact on a journey like many of our startups and transitioning to a new model that allows us to simultaneously work at many levels and reach across the street, across the region, the nation and increasingly across the globe.