Soft-in HUB

“An example of integrated ecosystem for augmented knowledge”

Elena Romani
Soft-in Srl

Background and Objectives
Soft-in is an Engineering Consulting Company founded in 1986, based in Beinasco (Turin) and specialized in designing and developing of embedded systems, with focus on infotainment platforms, body electronics, connectivity for automotive, ADAS, industrial and building automation, warehouse management.

Soft-in competencies cover the complete design chain: Architecture, Specifications (SOW), Hardware and Software Development, Preproduction, Testing and Validation.

Now, with 30+ years of history and honored career, Soft-in wants to tackle and overcome three orders of issues:
+ Adopt a new methodology for staff recruitment,
+ Develop a strategy of employee retention,
+ Enhance and ease open innovation,

in order to achieve a single great purpose: to be more attractive on the market (both in Italy and abroad) increasing brand awareness.

In addition, Soft-in, as one of the first SMEs in Italy, believes in a systemic innovation process using its expertise and leveraging on ethical and high social impact values. This is encompassed in a new concept: the Soft-in Hub.