The partnerships management framework for making strategic alliances

How to build the U-I collaboration framework to expanding strategic alliance?

Racha Tabtim
King Mongkut’s University Technology of Thonburi

Phenbunya Boonyalekha
King Mongkut’s University Technology of Thonburi

Montira Nopharatana
King Mongkut’s University Technology of Thonburi

Papapit Hirunsirisawat
King Mongkut’s University Technology of Thonburi

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Background and Objectives
During the last decade, Thailand has been under a stirred condition in preparing the country for facing rapid global changes. The 20-Year National Strategy (2018-2037), the country’s first national long-term strategy, has been released to steer national development on a proper path towards security, prosperity and sustainability. One strategy is enhancing national competitiveness, economic growth and income distribution. This strategy leads to a policy reforming of the research budgeting system in Thailand to be more directional and measurable. Universities are unavoidable to synchronize their strategies for research, innovation, and entrepreneurship developments.
The university third mission regarding a-must societal engagement to create socio-economical impacts has played an important role for university transformation. King Mongkut’s University Technology of Thonburi (KMUTT), one of the most forefront Science and Technology University in Thailand and South East Asia, is in the state of transformation to be an entrepreneurial university creating values and leading to changes for a strong and sustainable global society via developments of education innovation, research, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Working with industry is a very first fundamental step to know market and community demands leading to solutions creation. Although KMUTT has both university- and faculty-level mechanisms for promoting and supporting staffs to work with industry, there was no systematics framework to maintain sustainable relationships with partners, especially strategic partnerships of the university.
Therefore, the partnership management framework has been set up. The relationship of existing strategic partner was revealed for creating a framework. This framework will be used as a guideline to sustain and strengthen the strategic partnership and leverage potential partners to be strategic partners systematically.