Aalto Startup Center: Fostering entrepreneurship and industry

Aalto University Startup Center connects startups with Industry.

Marika Paakkala
Aalto Startup Center

Background and Objectives
About Aalto Startup Center
Aalto Startup Center operates as a part of Aalto University Research and Innovation services on Otaniemi campus, Espoo, Finland. As part of Aalto University’s mission of fostering entrepreneurship, Aalto Startup Center help startups to utilize university's knowledge and talent base, startup community and Aalto campus resources. Aalto Startups Center also connects their startups with industry.
Aalto Startup Center would have excellent concrete examples and good practices of how industry and university work together in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
The activities of Aalto Startup center touches upon many themes of the conference.

We closely work with Aalto University's Innovation Services, which spins out research into companies
Innovation Services is responsible for the management of inventions, intellectual property and technology transfer at Aalto University, facilitating the translation of research into societal impact through commercialization
Innovation Services is a part of Aalto University Research and Innovation Services. According to our policy, the primary aim in the commercialization of intellectual property is to maximize the societal impact through optimal utilization of results produced in association with research, educational or other university activities.
Innovation Services employs a skilled team including Innovation Advisors with knowledge in intellectual property rights and commercialization as well as domain expertise. The Innovation Advisors evaluate, develop and transfer research project results and inventions to commercial use in close co-operation with researchers. Innovation advisors also support researchers in the preparation and completion of commercialization projects. Innovation Services are responsible of protecting Intellectual Property Rights owned by Aalto University and of negotiating and executing the transfer and license agreements with commercial entities together with the legal counsels of Research and Innovation Services.