Nurturing the next generation of collaborative researchers: The role of industry funded studentship and fellowship programmes in sustaining strategic partnerships.

Charlotte Bell
University of Oxford

Siobhan Dennis
University of Oxford

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Industry partners often look to engage with academic institutes for two main reasons i) to collaborate or licence a particular piece of research of mutual interest or ii) to develop the next generation of scientists, ideally for talent development and recruitment.

This session is aimed at those who would like to know more about how industrially collaborative studentships and postdoctoral industry fellowships can help to nurture talented researchers alongside sustaining strategic industry-academic partnerships.

In this workshop, the Oxford University Industry Partnerships team will highlight the role industry sponsored studentships and fellowships can play in building and sustaining strategic relationships, through exploring key considerations for using these models.

This workshop will utilise examples of relationships of differing scales between Oxford University and Industrial partners, offer attendees an opportunity to share their own experience, ask questions, undertake group activities and partake in slido polls.

With the opportunity to design you own fellowship program and in partnership with your workshop colleagues we hope you take away some new ideas with a well-informed approach to program development. Representatives from both academic institutions and industry are encouraged to attend so that groups can explore views from both sides and develop a better understanding of complementary and contrasting and needs.

Any data from polls gathered can be shared and serve to provide global views from those in attendance. Participants should leave better informed on how to initiate their own programmes destined for success and be aware of potential risks.
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