University of Szeged as the Centre of Regional Innovation Ecosystem

How to build up an innovation ecosystem at a Hungarian University? How to motivate and how to involve students and researchers into R & D projects with industry? How to build up a global open innovation network? An example of mentoring program for university students with global impact.

Zoltán Kónya
University of Szeged

Ildikó Csóka
University of Szeged

Enikő Pitó
University of Szeged

Enikő Koppány
University of Szeged

Background and Objectives
The University of Szeged is a prestigious institution in Hungary, where study fields of all walks of scientific life are represented in 12 faculties and the Teacher Training Centre. The University’s main mission – which is inseparable from education – is to maintain its competitive research university character and to ensure a European-level healing work.
The University of Szeged is at the forefront of developing an innovation ecosystem. The University established several strategic agreements with its stakeholders in the last 2-3 years and we consider the operation of a single window service (one-stop-shop) for industrial relations to be a priority.
Building the innovation ecosystem is a national priority as well. The National Research, Development and Innovation Office in Hungary has been funding 16 university programmes to facilitate the development and effective operation of a result-oriented innovation ecosystem and universities.

The Directorate General for Strategy at University works as an interface between the academic community at Szeged and external collaborators in both the public and private sectors. The objective of the Directorate General is to stimulate the creation of intellectual property and manage the resulting assets in support of the mission of the University: to provide the best possible educational experience for students through excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, and service to the state and society.
Since the foundation of the Directorate General and implementation of the intellectual property management policy, research activities of the University have intensively improved. The number and quality of its publications and patents are remarkable at national level, but also at international level. In 2019 the IP portfolio of the University consists of nearly 45 patent applications.
The Directorate General’s mission is to facilitate, advocate and collaborate with the Faculties, Staff and Industrial Partners to support an environment for inventions and innovation at the University by transferring and commercializing the University’s intellectual assets into benefits.

An incubator house, an automotive competence center, an innovation center will be established in Szeged Science Park, in the area of the former Soviet barracks, next to the ELI-ALPS laser research centre in period 2019-2024 (European Research Infrastructure). University of Szeged host this project which will contribute to the development of knowledge based industry in Szeged.