Budapest LAB Entrepreneurship Centre – University knowledge for entrepreneurs

Laszlo Radacsi
Budapest Business School – University of Applied Sciences

Gigi Timar
Budapest Business School – University of Applied Sciences

Budapest LAB is the entrepreneurship centre of Budapest Business School – University of Applied Sciences (BBS). The goals set by Budapest LAB are to boost initiatives to establish businesses and to develop entrepreneurial attitudes; to support and foster Hungarian SMSs by creating and equipping them with a necessary knowledge base; and – in the long run – to become a well-known research, development, training and knowledge centre of entrepreneurship development in the Central European region.
As a cross-departmental organization, Budapest LAB provides services to all faculties of the University, coordinates and develops the University's business development efforts. The Centre is under the direct control of the Rector, thereby ensuring that the "in partnership with businesses" objective set out in the BBS strategy is put into practice.
Budapest LAB is engaged in the following activities:
• joining international research projects and performing applied research activities in order to provide Hungarian businesses with relevant knowledge;
• publishing the LAB’s research results in an easy-to-understand way so that these results get incorporated in common and everyday knowledge;
• having launched the Family Business Research Programme. The purpose of the long-term programme is to identify economic magnitude and special characteristics of this group of companies which had not been studied previously. We plan to achieve this by transforming the results into guidelines, suggestions and teaching materials that can be used in business life, by governments and in education. We also work on training documentations and other communication materials supporting knowledge sharing;
• serving as external experts in the field of entrepreneurship development, conducting researches, creating workshops and presentations for various organisations (e.g. rapid business thinking course – ‘business model canvas sprint‘ – for secondary school students of Mathias Corvinus Collegium / in collaboration with Budapest Enterprise Agency as trainers and knowledge suppliers);
• sharing the accumulated business and entrepreneurship related knowledge with the widest audience possible in an interesting and easy-to-consume way with the help of the LAB’s online magazine, printed publications and public events (e.g. StartLAB Entrepreneurs Club – monthly meeting point and inspiration for the young entrepreneurs @BBS and in the Budapest entrepreneurial ecosystem with successful Hungarian entrepreneurs as guest / Preparing to succession – business conference based on the research results and with lots of experience sharing from successful hungarian entrepreneurs / Startup Dispute – debate on the Hungarian startup ecosystem in a professional but entertaining and inclusive way);
• developing innovative education programmes in order to improve the student’s entrepreneurial willingness and entrepreneurial skills (e.g. Collab – business plan in a week: intensive joint course for the undergraduates of the undergraduates of BBS and the Hungarian design university);
• providing inspiration both to entrepreneurs and to those planning to start a business and developing training courses related to topics and areas relevant to entrepreneurship.