Fostering innovation, industry partnerships and cross-overs between faculties, The Breda University of Applied Sciences Innovation square case

How a university of applied sciences creates and manages a physical space in order to better connect to industry and foster innovation and cross-overs between academies.

Tijs van Es
Breda University of Applied Sciences

Background and Objectives
In 2019 The Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) has moved with it's 5 different academies to 1 mutual campus, within the campus development a 1400m2 area was reserved to support the central strategic pillar "connection to industry" which is of great importance to this university of applied sciences. In the strategy map of 2018-2021 this strategic pillar was added specifically to emphasize the importance of industry connections for higher education.

Knowledge valorisation has been high on the agenda of universities of applied sciences for years. This is not surprising, it is about applying and making knowledge usable for companies and the public sector: a natural task for higher professional education. But valorization is more than just knowledge. Valorisation relates to a wide range of activities with the aim of adding value. It is not only about economic exploitation but also about the creation of social and cultural value. To achieve this goal and to actually add value, a good connection with the relevant industry is necessary. BUas gives substance to this by creating a physical place and related community.