Innovative Education to enable University-Industry Interaction for Industry 4.0

This work presents a set of initiatives at the Itaipu Technological Park in the field of Educational Innovation towards enabling University-Industry Interaction, mainly focusing in challenges associated to Industry 4.0.

Fabio Lopez-Pires
Itaipu Technological Park

Background and Objectives
A strategic role for successful interactions between Universities, Industries and Government is played by Science and Technology Parks as a main articulator in the considered ecosystem. In this context, Itaipu Technological Park (ITP-PY) is consistently working on several initiatives to improve the Paraguayan Science, Technology and Innovation System (see [1] to [3]).

First, a framework of tools and mechanisms, based on specific Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I) projects, was designed to iteratively test the framework on specific knowledge and business fields to improve identified particularities of the local collaboration ecosystem (i.e. Universities, Industries and Government interactions) [1].
In the context of proposed framework [1], an initial internship program [2] was completely redesigned to address four particular challenges. Additionally, first local interaction events were organized with huge success [4].

This work presents a relevant set of initiatives in the field of Educational Innovation, mainly focusing in challenges associated to Industry 4.0. Presented initiatives include (1)
organizational structure changes, (2) creation of innovation labs, mainly focusing in Computer Science, Robotics, Industrial Design and Internet of Things as well as (3) cooperation with local government and international organizations. These presented initiatives may enable pragmatic University-Industry interactions, and could represent a valid guide to implement Educational Innovation Centers or organizations considering similar challenges to address.