Measuring Impact with Social return in R&D&i activities: The case of Euskampus Knowledge Hubs

How to measure the value and social impact of challenge-driven cooperative research and innovation following a Social Return of Investment (SROI) methodology



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Julieta Barrenechea

Ekhi Atutxa

Background and Objectives
Euskampus Fundazioa is a public-private partnership with the mission of establishing mechanisms that foster relations, connection and mutual trust between public and private entities, promoting joint training, research and knowledge transfer actions with an impact in the Basque Country (Spain) and internationally.

Euskampus Knowledge Hubs (EKH) are challenge-driven spaces of creativity and innovation based on co-creation dynamics where researchers of Euskampus Community work aligned through cooperative (transdisciplinary, multi-agent) training, research and innovation actions along 6 thematic areas.

This study focuses on Social Impact measurement of EKH following SROI model with a three fold objective: (a) obtaining evidences of the generated value for each stakeholder in order to lead strategic decisions, (b) improving the communication of generated value, (c) ensuring its sustainability.

The study has got the certification of assurance issued by Social value International (SVI) in February 2020.