Bringing Industry into University Campus - case Kampusareena, Finland

How to co-create a hub of science, research and technology, which is dedicated to industry-university collaboration?

Mervi Huhtelin
University Properties of Finland Ltd

Sanna Sianoja
University Properties of Finland Ltd

Satu Hyƶkki
Tampere University

Background and Objectives
Kampus Areena, Tampere (Finland) is a central building at Tampere University in Hervanta Campus, with shared facilities, companies and open spaces. It functions as a platform where business meets research and education, and where new collaborations can take shape. Kampusareena is a hub of science, research and technology, dedicated to industry-university collaboration. The multi-tenant facility brings companies, researchers and students together to share the space, ideas and goals. Transdisciplinary encounters create new ideas that can grow into collaborative R&D projects, innovations, jobs and successful businesses. Getting different functions and user groups into cross-disciplinary interaction is causing much-needed encounters that promote the innovation processes.

Kampusareena building in Tampere University was opened in 2015. It is located in the middle of the Hervanta campus in the suburb of Hervanta, about seven kilometres from the city center; it houses about 100 companies as well as the university. Kampusareena is about 10,300 square metres large. It has eight floors and a basement; the three lower floors are public floors with a library, restaurants and services like a barbershop and meeting facilities. The upper floors (three to eight) are dedicated to companies and are semiprivate areas. The building itself and various research equipment are in shared use. 60% of the space in Kampusareena is dedicated to functions administered by the university and 40% is leased for office and business use.

The Hervanta campus of Tampere University (formerly the Tampere University of Technology) includes about 2,000 employees and 10,000 students. The Hervanta campus and the surrounding area constitute a major technology hub. It enables co-operation between Tampere University and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Hermia Business Park and a broad range of companies. Some of these companies were born from the research conducted at Tampere University of Technology, which operated between 1965 and 2018.

In Kampusareena, the aim was to create a space to serve students, researchers and other professionals in their collaborative work. The idea was to develop a completely new, expandable building, which also serves as a visiting card for the Tampere University campus area. The following three goals guided the co-creation process in Kampusareena-project.
1. The first goal was to develop a hub for researchers, students and companies.
2. The second goal was to support a sense of community, learning and business.
3. The third goal was to achieve the design solution for a non-faculty building, meaning that it is used by the whole university, not dedicated especially for a single faculty. This was done by combining the university library, university services, restaurants and company suites.