Bioeconomy expert’s knowledge portfolio - approach for capacity building while working

Bioeconomy expert's knowledge portfolio brings working professionals a way to upgrade their knowledge time- and space-independently through online portfolio of courses. Unique is the approach where online courses of several higher education institutes are combined as a common platform.

Helena Puhakka-Tarvainen

Background and Objectives
The key objective was to build competence modules for both employed and unemployed experts in various fields based on the nationwide open university offering of higher education institutes in Finland. The aim was to respond to the know-how needs of sectors facing growth and restructuring and to promote the working life oriented education of the open university. The objectives of the open university education were to network better with the working life, to profile the strengths of universities and of universities of applied sciences and to arrange guidance and teaching in a more customer-oriented way. The pilots were carried out in the sectors of ICT, social services and health care, and bioeconomy-environmental sector. The starting point in the bioeconomy pilot in 2015 was that bioeconomy was just set as a key growth sector by the government of Finland, but there was no holistic education or training for bioeconomy existing, only courses about the subtopics of bioeconomy. Thus, the starting point of the pilot was to find a way to define the bioeconomy concept and its subtopics and to create a holistic approach for capacity building.