Fostering Entrepreneurship – An International Summer School at the German Jordanian University in Amman Jordan with German Academic Experts and Local Entrepreneurs

How to bring entrepreneurial experiences and skills into universities straightforward

Nils Daehne
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

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René Thamm
Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden

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Background and Objectives
The summer school "Fostering Entrepreneurship" in Jordan was meant to highlight interdisciplinary economic contents and experiences of business start-ups and in particular the possibilities of knowledge and technology transfer at German universities. In addition, an exchange between the disciplines should stimulate discussion and generate innovative ideas through the combination of knowledge and techniques.
One of the key points should be to expand the view of foreign students with regard to new opportunities to implement selected application and research ideas of foreign students and PhD students in cooperation with German universities, scientific institutions or practical partners. The summer school should also focus on giving students and participants the opportunity to come into direct contact with local business founders and important government decision-makers. Furthermore, it was an objective to impart the current status in the application-oriented field of research of the entrepreneurship through lectures and application examples. Whereby the learned knowledge should be directly applied and reflected. In particular, the use of the TOPSIM simulation game should enable students and doctoral candidates to question their own actions and to realize and discuss their side and remote effects. Another aspect of the collaboration should be the development of mutual understanding in the field of business foundation. This should be reinforced by an actively stimulated exchange of lecturers and local experts to discuss questions on theories as well as open questions. Above and beyond this, it should also contribute to strengthening relations between universities and industry. The issue of intercultural exchange with the Islamic world should play an overriding role at the same time.
In addition, the partial use of materials and content from the module "Practice of Starting a Business" as well as content from current research projects should provide an insight into the teaching and research practice of the Dresden University of Applied Sciences.
Achieving our goals should strengthened the position of both the Dresden University of Applied Sciences and the German university landscape in general. Furthermore, through our presence in Jordan, we wanted to give highly qualified Jordanian students, PhD students, professors and university staff the opportunity to actively participate in the internationalisation of German universities in cooperation with German university staff.