Saxony5 - smart university grid

An Example of creating recursive knowledge and technology transfer between a network or universities of applied sciences and regional partners in industry, business and society

Hans-Georg Wagner
Dresden University of Applied Sciences

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Background and Objectives
Five Saxon universities of applied sciences (HAW), namely the
- Dresden University of Applied Sciences n (HTW),
- Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK),
- Mittweida University of Applied Sciences (HSMW),
- Zittau / Görlitz University of Applied Sciences (HSZG) and
- Zwickau University of Applied Sciences (WHZ),
have decided to bundle their technology transfer activities and to share ideas, knowledge and to design of these activities in a common network. This transfer network bears the name Saxony5 (pronounced: "Saxony high five "). Through cooperation in the transfer network should increase the contact surface with potential innovation partners from business, society and science by a factor of at least 100. In addition, the universities reach combined synergies and a critical mass which make it possible to use the planned modern transfer instruments.
In the present project "Smart University Grid Saxony5" the transfer association Saxony5 with its cooperation partners will implement the core points and derived measures of the joint transfer strategy. Primary aim of the project is to achieve a dynamic stimulation cycle of innovation between the universities and their target groups in business and society.
Due to the joint transfer strategy there are the following sub-aims:
- A good visibility and ascertainability of the regionally available transfer potential of Saxony5, with its competences, processes and technologies
- The recursive dialogue of the transfer network Saxony5 with economy and society systematically facilitates access to external suggestions and participation in research, teaching and transfer
- Saxony5 expands its target groups and relations beside the economy and science also to public institutions and multipliers of civil society
- Saxony5 actively plays its role in the stimulation cycle of innovation and is a significant promoter of regional innovation systems due to its transfer competence
- Saxony5 applies a coordinated system of research-based transfer instruments and innovative forms of cooperation. The transfer association achieves thisin addition to supraregional reach and cross-university attraction effect especially in its regional environment an intensive stimulation of innovations.