Growing together – Non-research collaborations between BBS FIMB and Bosch Electronics Hungary

An example of a permanent collaboration of two partners that leads not only to the enhancement of the partnership but of the internal capabilities of both partners, reaping benefits for their wider environment & stakeholders.

László Csonka
Budapest Business School - University of Applied Sciences

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Background and Objectives
The Faculty of International Management and Business (FIMB) of the Budapest Business School has a few longstanding industrial partners who are collaborating with the faculty in various ways. One of those partners is the Bosch Electronic Hungary Ltd. Their partnership has improved a lot during the past couple of years while the two partners were also able to enhance some of their internal capabilities as a result of this partnership. Typically university faculties are relying on their internal human resources in enhancing education and research and/or on ad hoc inputs from various external partners. The faculty (FIMB) has been making efforts to strengthen the labour market relevance of its teaching and to fulfil this aims it is looking for partners from the business sector. On the other hand Bosch Electronics Ltd. is not only interested in well-educated graduates for hiring but is committed to the continuous development of its operation as well as of its (regional) environment. Therefore the collaboration of the two partners has mutual benefits for both of them. Their collaboration is totally relying on the commitment of the two partners falling in line with the higher education institution’s strategy.