EQ-THINKING MODEL: Where business meets new generation. Re-designing curriculum using “Smart Practice” concept at Vytautas Magnus university Centre for Enterprise Practice.

An example how to develop entrepreneurial mindset and design experiences of students, complementing it with business know-how.

Osvaldas Stripeikis
Vytautas Magnus university Centre for Enterprise Practice

Background and Objectives
Vytautas Magnus University Centre for Enterprise Practice (CEP) was established in 2014. The initial motive of Vytautas Magnus university was to establish a unique system in the labour market – one enabling students to communicate with the best companies in Lithuania, what could lead to good jobs. The objectives of the entrepreneurial activities at the VMU were related to:
 attaining synergy between science and business, growth of the knowledge economy, and
 fostering an ecosystem benefiting innovations and cultivating entrepreneurship.
The university’s philosophy was thus related to an entrepreneurship spirit, which supports multidimensional ideas that are able to perform creatively in different contexts. In re-establishing itself, the university implemented the Harvard University model and a liberal arts philosophy that also included cooperation with many professors from the diaspora and the USA.
Two years ago The VMU decided not only to provide start-up programmes but to go deeper. Centre for Enterprise Practice created programme called “Entrepreneurship Academy”:
 besides entrepreneurship competencies, develop an entrepreneurship spirit and thinking and ecosystem of long-term entrepreneurial activities. CEP offered the following activities: the Entrepreneurship Academy, the Entrepreneurship Laboratory and Smart Practices.
The objectives have been broadened during 2018. Now - The Centre for Enterprise Practice (CEP) is:
 an open and goal-seeking organization that is constantly open for new adventures, and in the meantime, it uses brave interactive and world-renowned creative techniques and looks for new business and social ideas.
 Our mission is to give us the freedom to know and realize ourselves by creative exploration of the world of ideas.

Today, CEP is also an initiator of many joint UBC projects; for example, internships, courses and training opportunities for students, assisting in company start-ups, and promoting an entrepreneurship spirit among students and scientists.
Our 3 years experience and mindset was combined in a “EQ-THINKING” model, which is core element of all our activities in “Entrepreneurship Academy” and other projects and programs.