Beyond Australia's Annual CEO Sleepout ...

What can be achieved by spending more than one night in someone else's swag?

Cynthia Cliff

Background and Objectives
In Australia, social enterprises are increasingly seen by government as an important vehicle for broadening economic participation and promoting inclusive economic development. Significant opportunities are emerging for greater university/industry interaction where the industry in question is one of Australia’s 20,000+ social enterprises.

QUT has collaborated with healthcare social enterprise Sunny Street to develop a plan for improving access to mainstream healthcare for those with psychosocial disability who are sleeping rough or doing it tough.

The aim is to not only work with today’s mainstream health services but, through the inclusion of students, also with the clinicians of tomorrow to ensure sustainable and scalable delivery of accessible and inclusive healthcare into the future.

Mainstream clinician and student placements, and on-the-ground action research involving Sunny Street clients, carers, clinicians and volunteers will:

• Co-develop new INSIGHT into effective university/social enterprise collaboration;

• Improve COMMUNICATION and understanding between people with disabilities and mainstream healthcare providers;

• Promote BEST PRACTICE to improve accessibility for all people with psychosocial disability experiencing homelessness and vulnerability; and

• Develop scalable OUTCOMES in support of national disability priorities