How to put micro enterprises in connection with local innovation ecosystem

Claudia Fassero
Metropolitan City of Turin

Background and Objectives

The innovation is the principal driver for growth of the developed economies. The investment in R&D is critical and a key of success, especially for micro and small companies. The innovation allows them to improve the competitiveness and differ from the competitors. In this context, Metropolitan City of Turin has come up with the INNOMETRO Program. This program has the aim of improving the level of innovation of The Micro & Small Enterprises (MSE) of it’s territory supporting the implementation of innovation projects, leaded by the MSE in cooperation with the regional innovation providers (Universities Business Incubators, Innovative enterprises, Public & Private Research Centres, Industry).
The objective of the INNOMETRO PROGRAM is to improve the competitiveness through innovation of the main component of the EU economic & social fabric: the micro enterprises (micros).
The EU Commission say that key characteristics of the micros are several: strong involvement of the owner in the enterprise management and in all stages of the work flow; specific management or technical competences of the owner manager; tailor-made products and services; close proximity to the client and local activities. All these factors dictate that enterprise development in the micros is a radically different process than in other SMEs. Therefore it is necessary to strengthen policy instruments and programs for the micros.