Integrated Corporate Cooperation Approach Workshop

Teppo Heiskanen
Aalto University

Facilitated by Aalto University:
• Janne Laine, Vice President for Innovation
• Teppo Heiskanen, Director, Advancement and Corporate Engagement
• Ville Krannila, Head of CRM and Analytics
With the participation of Anne Pakari, Open Ecosystem Network, Ex Head of Innovation Collaboration Ecosystem Finland at Nokia

Aim of the workshop
Companies seek various kinds of cooperation with universities: research projects, recruitment opportunities, input into the curriculum and teaching, access to campus, and even support through donations. Universities often offer these options through different units and departments, creating a fragmented and confusing picture. The fragmentation may go for the company as well, as e.g. the R&D department might not know what HR is doing with a particular university.
At Aalto University, we have strived to look at our corporate partnerships as one relationship with many ways of cooperation. The key is an integrated CRM system that includes corporate contacts, externally funded research projects, alumni and donors. A successful approach requires careful cooperation between the traditional industrial relations function and the traditional development/advancement office.
In this interactive workshop, we will share our experiences at Aalto University and invite workshop participants to share theirs. We will look for answers to the following questions, among others:
• How do build a culture of sharing information about external contacts within the university?
• What does an integrated CRM system mean and how to build one?
• What are the challenges of the cooperation between industrial relations and development/advancement within a university?
• How does this all look from the company point of view?