How are we doing? – Taking the pulse on collaboration

“An example of how we can measure the unmeasurable. A method for evaluating company satisfaction and research impact

Jenny Backstrand
Jonkoping University

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Linda Bergqvist
Jonkoping University

Background and Objectives
At School of Engineering, Jönköping University (JTH) we have a long tradition of conducting both research and education in collaboration with companies. Since 2017 we are a "Knowledge and Competence environment" – a KK-environment – focused on Knowledge Intensive Product Realization and called SPARK. A KK-environment is the most comprehensive among the programmes for research and competence-development offered by the Swedish Knowledge Foundation. The aim of the programme is to develop research-profiled and co-producing universities. Co-production with industry is an important cornerstone for the programme, since it has proved to result in new knowledge and competence, new products, methods and processes, as well as more efficient operations. The programme is characterized by a long-range view and requirements for co-production with industry.
In order to make sure that all the collaborative projects at JTH are high-quality and deliver valuable results, we have developed a process called SPARK-EKG.